What Kind Of Online Shopper Are You?

Ever walked into a store to notice people around? There are all kinds of shoppers in the world! There are these mysterious shoppers who keep migrating from counter to counter but only end up buying a thing you would not relate them to.

There are shoppers who are friends with the sales executives like they dine together daily. And then there are shoppers who are on a mission to pick every item on the store and rush to the counter.

But when it comes to online shopping the distinction becomes a little difficult. But not to worry, with understanding of user behavior here are some shopping behavior you can identify with find out the kind of online shopper you are!


Someone who has FOMO for purchases much beyond their financial reach. A wish-lister would certainly be found with wish lists on every online websites, a lot of items on the cart too, but restricted with the financials to buy them. They binge on social media, eye on the latest products and dream of purchasing them someday!

The brand lover!

The brand lover generally browses through their favourite brands online. They have a look at the buyvia reviews, features and functionality more than the price tags on them. Anything new or discounted on their brands means it’s a sale! P.S. there is no attention to other small brands here!

The rational buyer!

Being critical of the items they buy, the rational buyers spend pretty much a good time evaluating the products online before ordering. Much opposite to the brand lovers, these people look at the alternatives available, compare and buy their products.


A maximize is a mix of the wish-lister and a rational buyer. They are obsessed with the best of products online but make the right decisions to get the best of deals. They have an eye on the price tags, features etc of the products but end up buying less products as compared to their card – because they don’t want a bad purchase!

Satisfying shopper

This shopper is one of a kind! What really matters to them are the products, their details, and the suitability to make a purchase. There is not a fuss about the brands, adding irrelevant lists etc. Pretty much sorted with the choice, the shoppers choose based on the use.

Look for the trending Buyvia reviews to put your hands on the best of products online. And when you have identified the kind of shopper you are – you already know what matters you’re the most!

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