Need To Buy Windows 10 Pro Key? Don’t Miss These Tips!

After all the backlash for Windows 8.1, Microsoft finally managed to please users and critics with Windows 10. There are two basic editions of Windows 10 – Home and Pro. Windows 10 Home offers much more than people got with the basic version of Windows 8.1, and it suffices the needs of most average users. However, for commercial and business needs, Windows 10 Pro definitely packs in more security and professional features.

Microsoft has been using keys for activating copies of Windows for a while now, and Windows 10 is no different. If you need to buy Windows 10 Pro key, we have some quick tips below.

Is it safe to buy Windows 10 Pro key online from other vendors?

Microsoft obviously sells keys or digital licenses for Windows 10 Pro online on their official website, but there are also third-party sellers that offer keys at a discount. As a buyer, you are probably wondering if these are keys are genuine and would work as intended. To be fair, third-party sellers are not always genuine, but there are authentic ones too. These sellers work directly with suppliers and get Windows 10 Pro keys in bulk, which is why they can offer a discount. You can always choose to verify and authenticate the version with the key by registering with Microsoft.

About activating Windows 10 Pro

If you are using an older version of Windows, you have to first download Windows 10 Pro officially from Microsoft’s website. It is possible to complete the installation immediately as long as you have a stable internet connection. Once your Windows 10 Pro is installed, you will be prompted to use a product key for activation. You can then use the key right away to access all the features that Pro offers. Keep in mind that the key will be sent to you by the vendor only after you have completed the payment, and the same key can be used on one computer only. Do not try and use the same key for two versions or copies of Windows 10 Pro on different computers.

Other things to know

Windows 10 Pro key will only work with the Pro version. It works for lifetime and doesn’t need to be changed, and if the key is genuine, you will be able to get upgrades without any issues. Check online now to find more on Windows 10 pro and get your key now.

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