How to Enjoy your Wine Like a Pro

Shopping for a wine can be both exciting and intimidating especially if you do not know what to get. No one is born with a seasoned palate for fine e rare wines. But, as long as you learn tips from the experts, you can become a wine expert yourself over time. Whether you order wine at your favorite restaurant or in your home here’s how you can enjoy your wine like a pro:

Start with the Basics

Wine can be either red or white, although you can also find rose, sparkling, etc. Pairing wine with food is quite simple. Pair white wine with light vegetables, white meat, and fish. Red wine should be paired with red meat and roasted vegetables.

Avoid Filling your Glass to the Tip-Top

If you have purchased a bottle of wine, you can expect the server to pour first glass and refill it. Keep an eye on how high they fill your glass. If you want to enjoy wine like an expert, do not fill your glass to the tip-top. Wine glasses are shaped to ensure you get a huge whiff of you drinks. And your wine can only taste the same if it can breathe.

Decide How Much to Spend

Expensive wine is not always better wine. It may only be more complex. It is possible to drink a good wine for less. But, if you are dining out, choose something at the top of the list. While you can enjoy the house wine, you want to try something more special.

Don’t Ignore Wines with Screw Caps

A number of people believe that wines with screw caps are cheap. However, screw caps can significantly minimize the odds your bottle is spoiled or corked. If you are reading this, you might wonder why corks used after all. Corks play an important role in terms of aging wine. Some wines can be best enjoyed once they have been contained in a bottle for at least two years and the cork is a significant factor in the way the wine ages.

Ask Questions if you Have Any

Even if your server is your friend, you should ask any questions you may have. Avoid pretending to know more than you do. The server is there to give suggestions on pairings and provide you with information on what will order. They will be happy to serve you and answer your questions about the wine.

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