Gold Mangalsutra Designs for the New Bride!

Weddings are special! It is the time of life when you embrace the love of another person and tie the knot to spend the rest of the life with them. And if Indian wedding traditions are to be believed a mangalsutra is the symbol of marriage and love for the bride. And therefore a flawless design has to be the thing for her!

While selecting a mangalsutra design it is crucial to know the gold purity, weight and design to make the best selection. There are beads and design gold chain to mix and match and make it a rich look. And as this one is to be worn daily there should be some elegance and simplicity to it. If you need a little help – here are some suggestions for you!

Priscilla Mangasultra Gold chain

Mangalsutra without a little gold is boring. And so adding a little edge to the regular design is the Priscilla Mangalsutra gold chain where the beads are designed with addition of gold. 3 beads are followed by 3 gold beads and thus the stream continues. It’s a beautiful combination of the yellow gold with black beads to bring together a special feeling for the new bride. Match it with your pendant and you are good to go!

Double line Mangalsutra

Instead of keeping it too light with one stream of beads – make it two. The double line mangalsutra keeps you look a little heavy while not weighing down on you. And with a gold lock to tie it together it’s a beautiful piece. You can add in a golden or diamond pendant to make it stand out.

Ella Magalsutra gold chain

For someone who loves the yellow metal adding in some of it on the mangalsutra makes it grand. In a regular stream of breads are put together some beautiful designs of gold charms to make the whole look elegant. With this there is no need to pair a pendant but if you still like a richer look you can go for it.

Sofiya Gold mangalsutra

Brace yourself as there is not another piece of mangalsutra as majestic as this one. What starts off as a mangalsutra soon feels like a complete necklace. It combines the beauty of a gold and diamond necklace with the simplicity of a mangalsutra. Least to say, it’s the most treasured piece you shall have for your wedding day!

Choose a trusted jewelry brand when buying gold chains for your wedding. Because it’s an event of a lifetime!

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